London dominates in terms of blockchain jobs, says Nimisha Jagasia

2017 was decidedly the year that Bitcoin became a household name. Yet, despite the constant media coverage, many still struggle to understand how the cryptocurrency can have any sort of tangible impact on our daily lives.

However, new applications of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency model and the blockchain technology that underpins them are emerging across a wide range of sectors, particularly the recruitment industry, and are presenting enormous opportunities for job seekers to capitalise on.

Where 2017 was the year that cryptocurrencies were recognised by a wide global audience, 2018 is set to be the year that we see them, and blockchain technology, make a profoundly disruptive impact on the way we live and work.

According to Bloomberg, 546 blockchain jobs have been posted in the UK since August 2016, with these jobs increasing, on average, by a fourth every month. For context, this monthly increase is huge in comparison with the 2% average monthly increase of the UK’s job market as a whole in the same time frame.

London dominates in terms of blockchain jobs, but Edinburgh and Belfast are emerging as up-and-coming hubs. London’s domination in terms of UK cities is unsurprising, and it boasts a huge 79% of all blockchain vacancies being located in the UK. The capital has housed 429 positions in the last 12 months and the capital has seen an average monthly increase of 33%.

Nimisha Jagasia, Entrepreneur and Founder of TheCryptoStreet – a Blockchain Jobs Marketplace that connects Blockchain startups with talent, says “I can see a whole class of professions around blockchain development and intelligence” she says. “We’re acquiring needs we’ve never had before around things that are more valuable than they ever were before.”